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A letter to Twiggy

Dear Andrew,

Your “Our Iron Ore” campaign has ignited the public imagination. It has reminded people that the resources which lie in the ground actually belong to all of us, the people of Australia. On OurIronOre.com, it states, “We are all impacted by the disappearing iron ore dollars in our economy and we want to ensure Australia gets the most benefit from the mining and resources industry in the future.”

Your critics have described your campaign as self-serving. They might have a point considering you were instrumental in opposing the Mineral Resources Rent Tax (MRRT) back when the price of iron ore was delivering record profits for your company, Fortescue Metals Group. From my understanding, the MRRT also intended “to ensure Australia gets the most benefit from the mining and resources industry in the future.” Alas, it was not to be and now we find ourselves where we are today.

Pope Francis and Andrew Forrest. Picture: Chris Warde-Jones/GFN

Pope Francis and Andrew Forrest. Picture: Chris Warde-Jones/GFN

Detractors and the past aside, I take the issues you raise today at face value. And as such, I offer my support for your cause. Let’s shine a light on these industry practices and ensure that Australia gets long term benefit from its precious resources.

I also urge you to extend your considerable influence even further. To ensure our great nation gets the most benefit from mining and resources long into the future, you could gift your share of the resources industry to the Australian people. Donate your FMG shareholding to the people and sign your name in the Australian story as the harbinger of social and economic change.

Your considerable wealth is not necessarily the solution to our economic woes, but an act of generosity such as donating your wealth to the greater good, could in my opinion, be a catalyst for major perspective shift in our society.

Reasons against the idea: you wouldn’t trust the state/federal governments with your company; you want to keep all your hard-earned money for yourself; it sounds like one step away from socialism.

Reasons supporting the idea: the gratitude and respect of 99% of Australians; an opportunity to be recognised as a selfless global visionary; ultimate moral high ground for your current campaign.

In “The Lucky Country”, Donald Horne wrote “Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck.” You’ve shared its luck. Are you more than a second rate person? I know you have the potential to do this and deep down, I believe you share the desire to really change Australia, and the world, for the better. If nothing else, I hope I’ve given you something to ponder.

Yours sincerely,
An Australian

P.S. I also wish to congratulate and commend the fine work you are doing with the Walk Free Foundation. An admirable cause.

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